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Oval board box covered with block printed or painted wallpaper. Yellow paper printed with blue polka dots. On each side is an octagonal panel outlined in black and containing a black top hat shape surrounding an umbrella and striped top hat, with vertical groupings on either side containing a riding cap, glove, and umbrella. Inside of box lined with white paper. Bottom of box lined with cut newspaper, likely added at a later date. The box top is covered with a different block printed paper, with red and green floral and geometrical patterns on yellow ground.
The newspaper lining is from a Westfield, MA, paper, and contains a "News Letter" section from March, 1850. The section includes an ad for paper hangings from Rand & Co., who could have made the paper for the bandbox. Accession records indicate a similar example is in the collection of the Shelbourne Museum, and was included in a book by Lilian Baker Carlisle. A photo of that box, with a different lid, can be found online and is saved in LHS records.
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Height 10", Width 12", Length 13"
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