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Powder Horn
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Cow horn, lighter in color towards base and darker towards tip. Carved around base "Lewis Coll Hyde of Litchfield 1776" Underneath engraved with picture of a building, a musket and two birds as well as a star and circle. Underneath pictures, carved "Liberty or Death" Horn closed at base with wooden plug with iron staple in center. Four small nails hold plug in place. Tip open, horn has been hollowed out. Lewis Collins Hyde was the son of Joshua Hyde and Rhoda Collins. He was born in Lebanon, CT on July 3, 1753. His grandfather, the Rev. Timothy Collins, was the first Congregational Minister of Litchfield. Lewis Collins Hyde was subject to epileptic siezures and did not serve in the Revolutionary War.
Date Made
8" long x 2 1/4" diameter
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