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2016-66-2 a-d
Naval aiguillette set and mailing enclosure, belonging to Rear Admiral Charles L. Hussey. A - Shoulder cord of gold wire braided with blue cord. Three circular strands joined at top by metal wire loop, with pin and catch underneath. B - Aiguillette of gold wire braided with blue cord. Three lengths of wire, one of which is intricately braided down both sides and terminates in two gold tips or bobbles, round at the top and with gold leaf motifs and steel anchors. The other two lengths form closed loops on each side. All three lengths are joined in a circular loop, with a single safety pin at the top. C - Rectangular cardboard box, originally housed 2 a,b. Written in ink, "From Rear Admiral Hussey/Captain R. Z. Johnston, U.S.N./Naval War College." Brown tissue paper inside. D - Brown paper mailing enclosure, two labels and two Roosevelt five cent stamps. "From Captain R.Z. Johnston, U.S.N., U.S.S. Wyoming, c/o Postmaster, New York City/Rear Admiral Charles L. Hussey, U.S.N. (Ret'd), Litchfield, Connecticut."
Charles Lincoln Hussey (1870-1934) served in the Navy from 1892 to 1927, after attending the Naval Academy between 1888 and 1892. Born in Rochester, NH and died in Litchfield, CT. Awarded the Navy Cross for his command during WWI, in which he transported troops and supplies to European ports on board the U.S.S. Birmingham. Retired as a Rear Admiral, a position he attained sometime after 1920. Married Harriet Brownson, daughter of Rear Admiral Willard H. Brownson, later Superintendent of the Naval Academy.
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Length A 11.75", Length B 27", Width 1"
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